Psychotherapists and clinical psychologists to appear in state hospitals - Ministry of Health

16:19 02 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian hospitals will soon have new specialists, namely clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. The corresponding order was signed by the Ministry of Health.
Sergiy Ubogov, Head of the Department of Medical Personnel of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, told how to get a referral to these professionals.

Order of the Ministry of Health
Professionals who have received a master's degree (specialist) in the specialty "Psychology" are allowed to work in the position of "clinical psychologist". Until January 1, 2026. they must complete a specialization in the specialty "Clinical Psychology".

Professionals who have received a master's degree (specialist) in the specialty "Psychology" and have completed a specialization in the specialty "Clinical Psychology" with a subsequent specialization in the specialty "Psychotherapy" may be admitted to work as a "psychotherapist".

Which hospitals will have such specialists
Psychologists have been working in Ukrainian healthcare institutions for a long time. But they did not feel like full-fledged members of the medical community.
“In order to classify them as professionals with a higher medical education who work in the healthcare system, such positions were introduced,” comments Sergey Ubogov.
According to him, these positions correspond to the international classifier of professions and provide that, in addition to the usual education of a master's degree, psychologists must undergo specialization in clinical psychology or psychotherapy in order to more effectively and efficiently provide assistance to patients.
"Everything happens by analogy with doctors. If a doctor graduates from a medical university and receives a diploma, he still cannot fully work as a doctor, he needs to specialize and get a certificate. So psychologists, in order to become a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist, must go through a cycle of specialization - it can be either 4 or 6 months.. After that, we can say that they have these competencies,” says Sergey Ubogov.
According to Sergey Ubogov, the specificity of the specialization is practice-oriented training - more practice than theory. Since psychologists already work in our hospitals, we give them 3 years to complete the specialization cycle. They can be appointed to these positions until 2026, but undergo training in parallel.

How to contact these specialists
You can see a psychotherapist or psychologist with a referral from your family doctor, or if it is an inpatient treatment, your doctor may be able to offer this help.
"There is still a lot of work to be done to establish the effective work of the psychological service in hospitals.. So that if there is a need for psychological assistance, it is immediately provided. Now the ministry needs to accumulate an evidence base so that we can show how it all works together. The process of physical recovery depends on high-quality psychological support.. It is necessary to convey to people that a psychologist is someone who can listen, help to find meaning and hope," said Ubogov.