There is a deficit in the energy system, the situation in Kyiv and central regions is difficult - Ukrenergo

12:39 21 December Kyiv, Ukraine

As of December 21, a significant shortage of capacity in the energy system remains in Ukraine. The situation in Kyiv and other central regions remains "difficult."

This was reported in NPC Ukrenergo.

Also, the Russian military again fired artillery at the de-occupied areas in the east and south at night, the power grids were damaged there, the NEC noted. Repair work has begun.
"On the morning of December 21, a significant shortage of power in the energy system remains, as well as restrictions caused by damage to the main networks by systematic missile and unmanned attacks.. In this connection, consumption limits have been brought to all regions, the excess of which leads to the application of emergency restrictions. All types of generation are currently operating," Ukrenergo said.
Ukrenergo added that power plant operators and distribution system operators are doing "everything possible to improve the situation with electricity supply in every region of Ukraine."