DTEK warns of very long blackouts

15:58 17 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Due to large-scale damage to power facilities, up to 40% of consumers are without electricity. In some areas, the light will be absent for several days.

Dmitry Sakharuk, director of DTEK, announced this on the air of the telethon.
"The situation is now under control, but very difficult. The Russians have caused very serious damage to transmission facilities, and these are substations that transmit electricity from one region to another and through which many regions in the center and in the west are healed. There was a hit in one of our thermal power plants, which stopped working due to damage," Sakharuk said.
According to him, as of today, about 40% of consumers in Ukraine are without electricity.

The company cannot predict when this percentage will decrease. This is no longer about planned shutdowns, but about planned switching on of light in certain regions of the country for a very limited time. Sometimes blackouts can last for several days.
"These are the days. Unfortunately, today we can not talk about planned shutdowns. In some districts, and there are many of them, we should talk about planned inclusions. And the number of hours for which this planned inclusion can be is very small - 2-3 hours maximum," the head of DTEK said.