In honor of the Heroes of Mariupol and the Azov regiment: more than 95 streets were renamed in Kyiv

19:04 25 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The city council voted to rename 95 objects whose names were associated with Russia, said the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko.

In particular, we decided to rename:
  • Marshal Yakubovsky street to Heroiv Mariupol street,
  • Michurin on Jagiellonskaya
  • Valentina Serova on Serozhupanniki
  • Lobachevsky on Princess Ingigerda
  • Marshal Malinovsky to the street Heroes of the regiment "Azov".
  • Tulsk Square on Heroes of the UPA
The full list of new titles is here .

The deputies at the meeting considered a list of 134 objects, but sent several for revision.

The list of renamings did not yet include Lev Tolstoy Square, Moskovskaya and Pushkinskaya streets, Victory Square and Avenue, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue and Friendship of Peoples Boulevard.
“The official reason is that the Department of Public Communications did not have time to prepare draft decisions,” explained deputy Ksenia Semenova.
Voting on these objects, according to her, is planned in September.

In total, it was planned to rename about 300 streets in Kyiv, the names of which are associated with Russia.. New names for 296 toponyms were voted electronically in the Kyiv Digital app. But the expert commission did not accept all the voting results.. In particular, Leo Tolstoy Square was recommended to be renamed Pavel Skoropadsky.

Without a vote, they are going to rename 17 objects, since there are already draft decisions on them that have passed public discussions. Among them are Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue (renamed Vladimir Ivasyuk) and Friendship of Peoples Boulevard (Nikolai Mikhnovsky).