Ukrzaliznytsia urges passengers to participate in the train schedule

16:38 01 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrzaliznytsia announced the start of the season for updating schedules and the Intercity+ route grid.

It is reported that the evening arrival of the train from Przemysl (No. 706) to Kyiv has been shifted more than two hours earlier - to 19:50 instead of 22:06.
"Consequently, it has become much easier to leave the station by public transport than just before the curfew," the report says.
The morning train (No. 722) will also arrive in Kharkov from the capital an hour and a half earlier - at 11:48 instead of 13:14.

It is reported that train No. 731 from Dnipro to Kyiv also now arrives half an hour earlier and in total passengers spend an hour and a half less on the way.

Flights scheduled or resumed directly during the war were also affected by changes.
"Vinnytsia - Chernihiv: evening arrival in Chernihiv shifted half an hour earlier, away from the curfew. Shostka: the departure of Hyundai Rotem No. 774 to Kyiv is now, as passengers requested, at the end of the working day at 17:05, and not at 15:50," Ukrzaliznytsia reports.
Resurrected at the end of the summer season, the Boykovsky express service Kyiv-Lviv leaves at 06:20 and arrives at 12:02.

The double-decker train to Lutsk will stop at several more points, which is planned to be announced within a week.
"The new route of the double-decker Skoda City Elephant to Rivne and Lutsk is gaining popularity every day, and we are quickly focusing on passenger feedback and adding several necessary stops within a week. Submit your #Ironchanges in a high-speed message in the comments to this post, we are ready to test new safe and well-weighted options!