"Ukrposhta" issues a new stamp "Crimean bridge for an encore!"

14:08 03 November Kyiv, Ukraine

On Friday, November 4, "Ukrposhta" releases a new stamp "Crimean bridge for an encore!". November 4 will mark 8 years, 8 months and 8 days of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion.
This was announced by the CEO of the company Igor Smilyansky.
"And November 4 is a public holiday in Russia -" National Unity Day ". We, at Ukrposhta, are so friendly that we make gifts even to our enemies. That is why on Friday, November 4, Ukrposhta releases a new stamp "Crimean bridge to the demon!". And it doesn’t matter who really blew up the bridge, the very fact is enough for us,” Smilyansky wrote.
The circulation of the stamp is 300,000 stamp sheets or 2.1 million marks.
"More than 70 thousand letters have already been sold on pre-order and they will soon be with their owners. And all the rest - while there are enough supplies, this Friday they will be able to purchase them in all city branches of Ukrposhta and on our website," the head of the UE wrote.
In addition, stamps can be purchased in the official online stores of Ukrposhta on the Prom, Kasta, Rozetka, eBay and Amazon marketplaces.
"And let the issue of this stamp itself become no less prophetic in the sense of the complete destruction of any ties with the occupier. More details to come. We do not reveal all the surprises, but the launch of the brand will take place," Smilyansky said.