Ukrainians in Poland have chosen social networks as the main source of news

14:43 12 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainians in Poland have chosen social networks as the main source of news about their homeland - they make up more than two thirds of all involved sources of information.

This is evidenced by the results of the study "Media consumption and social activity of Ukrainians who have found temporary shelter
settlers in Poland.
Social networks were chosen as the main source of information by 68% of respondents, the study says, among the reasons for choosing were the speed of obtaining information, convenience, a large selection of channels and information content.

The leading position among social networks, according to the results of the survey, was taken by Telegram. 64% of respondents used it to consume news, 44% called this social network the main source of information due to its high efficiency.
"Facebook is used by 56% of respondents, as the main source - 15%. The advantage of this social network is the automatic selection of information, the disadvantage is the long time between the publication of the news and its entry into the feed," the researchers write.
YouTube was chosen by 51% of respondents as the main source - 12%; It is better suited for watching TV channels and personal interviews.

Viber was preferred by 47% of respondents, as the main source - 8%. It is chosen for its personalization and the feeling of being connected through comments and recommendations.

44% use Instagram for news consumption, 7% use it as the main source. It attracts with its efficiency and conciseness, as well as the personalization of publics, involvement in the personal life of users, the study says.

News sites (including news services such as Google,,, etc.) are used by 18% of survey participants. This source also owns 16% of the total time of information consumption.

Television was chosen by 10% of respondents, its share in total consumption is 17%. Barriers to free access to this media include:
  • no TV;
  • underrepresentation of Ukrainian channels on local television;
  • insufficient command of the Polish language.
Most of the news consumption falls on the United News telethon - 60%.

Radio is preferred by 3% of respondents (5% of the total time of news consumption). More often it is used as a background - for example, during monotonous work or driving.

Print media were chosen by less than 1% of respondents, and they also own less than 1% of consumption time. They are perceived as something outdated, the researchers emphasized.