Ukrainians began to actively look for work - research

16:39 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainians have increased their job search activity due to the crisis in the labor market.

This is stated in the results of the research portal

There are many more people who want to find a job or a part-time job than there are vacancies. Nearly 10% of new site users are added weekly, session duration (i.e., how long a job seeker uses the site and searches for information about vacancies) is 89% more than the same period last year,” the press release says.

The number of job seekers who visited the site in search of work reached the figures of June last year.

Summer is usually characterized by a decrease in activity in the labor market, and the peak of activity occurs at the beginning of the business season in September. The vast majority of Ukrainians do not plan holidays this summer. Applicants are now actively looking for a job or part-time job.

In June, 12 people respond to 1 vacancy on average. For comparison, in the same period last year, this figure was 4 times less.

Candidates have changed their attitude to the job search process. Less and less often, job seekers simply wait for the employer to pay attention to them and increasingly use all available channels to search for a job.