Ukrainians are offered to decide the fate of the Motherland monument in Kyiv

13:45 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy asks Ukrainians in "Die" what to do with the coat of arms of the USSR on the shield of the "Motherland" monument.
This was announced by the Minister of Culture Alexander Tkachenko.

According to him, the technical process of liberating the Motherland from Soviet remnants is a rather difficult process in terms of security.
While specialists will work on the technical side of the decommunization of the monument, Ukrainians are offered to choose one of three options:
  • Let it be as it is;
  • Remove the coat of arms of the USSR;
  • Replace with Ukrainian trident;
The voting results will be made public in two weeks.

"Motherland" - the highest monumental sculpture in Europe. It is located in Kyiv, on the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. The monument was opened in 1981.

In May 2016, the Law on Decommunization came into force in Ukraine, which provides for the condemnation of the communist and national socialist regimes and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols.