Ukraine once again switched to winter time

10:31 30 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The transition to winter and summer time takes place in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On the procedure for calculating time on the territory of Ukraine" No. 509 dated May 13, 1996.

"Introduce the following procedure for calculating time on the territory of Ukraine: the time of the second time zone (Kyiv time) with the annual translation of the hour hand on the last Sunday of March at 3:00 am by 1:00 forward and on the last Sunday of October at 4:00 am by 1:00 back ", the document says.

Note that the seasonal change of clocks is justified by the need to lengthen daylight hours to save electricity and resources.. It is believed that it is winter time that is natural and standard for a certain territory, and they switch to summer time so that working hours fall as much as possible on the daylight hours.

As you know, most countries in the world do not change their clocks.. But in Europe, all countries except Russia, Belarus and Iceland switch to summer and winter time.

Recall, according to Ukrzaliznytsia, on tickets for trains departing on October 30, 2022, winter time is already indicated - taking into account after the clock change.