Ukraine has joined the European program to help restore the environment after the war

08:48 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine has joined the European Life program, which will help restore the environment after the war, the press service of the government reports.

This means that Ukraine will be able to use part of the program's budget for environmental restoration (the budget for 2021-2027 is 5.43 billion euros).

The Ministry of Environment already has more than 15 specific proposals, which they promise to turn into relevant projects in order to submit programs for consideration, said Minister of Environmental Protection Rustan Strelets. According to him, among the priorities are the restoration of rivers, the development of the reserve fund, the construction of centers for the rehabilitation of birds and wild animals, the restoration of ecosystems.. They also want to develop additional projects in which local businesses can join.
“We see what a terrible impact the war has on the life of every Ukrainian. At the same time, this war has no less terrible impact on the environment. Take, for example, hundreds of thousands of tons of scrap wood left on the territory of Ukraine, which today are largely mined and destroyed. We should already start thinking about their regeneration,” Sagittarius commented.
During its 30 years of operation, the Life program has co-financed more than 5,600 environmental projects in the EU and beyond (in Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Germany).