"Your blood can fight": a campaign in support of blood donation has been launched in Ukraine

13:40 09 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Every day, blood is needed to save Ukrainian soldiers and civilians suffering from the aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation. In order to popularize donation in Ukraine, they launched the program “Your blood can fight. Become a donor.
This is reported by the Ministry of Health.
"For the time being, it is important to increase the supply of safe and high-quality donor blood, which helps not only to save the lives of the military, but also to carry out planned operations in the rear, to deliver children, to carry out transplants," the message says.
Campaign "Your blood can fight. Become a donor” illustrates a mural on the gate of a shelled house in the center of Kharkov on Sumskaya Street. The artist Hamlet Zinkovsky created this mural after he donated blood for the front. The author has granted the right to use his work to inspire others to donate.

How to become a donor?
  • Contact the blood center offline.
  • Sign up by phone in the donor database at the blood centers of your city, if necessary, you will be contacted. List of blood centers - by link .
  • Register online in the donor registry and wait for a message from the coordinators. You can enter your data on the DonorUA resource.
Adult Ukrainians weighing more than 50 kilograms who have no contraindications to blood donation can become a donor. You can read more about them here .

According to the Ukrainian Center for Transplant Coordination, before the war, patients received an average of more than 522,000 transfusions of donor blood and its components annually, mainly during surgery, trauma, childbirth, and oncological diseases.. The war expanded this list.

Now, 100,000 potential donors are registered in the Donor UA database, but according to WHO recommendations, there should be three times as many.