The Turkish company Baykar will give Ukraine three drones, which were assembled by Ukrainians

07:40 28 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Baykar will give Ukraine three Bayraktar UAVs free of charge, for which Ukrainians, as part of Serhiy Prytula's People's Bayraktar initiative, collected 600 million hryvnias in three days.
This is stated in the company's statement .
“Baykar knows that the fundraising campaign called "People's BAYRAKTAR" has successfully raised funds to purchase several Bayraktar TB2 UAVs for Ukrainians to protect their homeland.

Businessmen and ordinary people contributed funds - small and large - to achieve this goal within a few days.
The company will not accept payment for TV2 and send 3 UAVs to the Ukrainian front for free. We ask that the collected funds be directed to help in the struggle of the people of Ukraine,” the company said in a statement.