TikTok transferred Ukraine from the Russian region to the European one

17:21 22 July Kyiv, Ukraine

TikTok has moved Ukraine from the Russian to the European region. Thanks to this, the platform administration will stop blocking videos about the war.

This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Alexander Bornyakov.

According to Bornyakov, the fact that Ukraine was previously located in the Russian region of administration of the platform led to many cases of blocking content about the war on the territory of Ukraine.
"By the way, this is happening with many companies that understand that we can no longer be in the same region with Russia. TikTok has now moved us to a new region, where we will communicate with new people. I think this will improve the situation,” Bornyakov said.
Recall that Russia is using a "troll factory" to spread disinformation about the war in Ukraine: traces of the operation were found on eight platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

This is despite the fact that since the beginning of March, TikTok has officially suspended work on the territory of the Russian Federation due to the “fake” law.