Taisiya Povaliy: Russia "saves" Ukraine, and Putin "saves the world from Nazism"

13:54 24 January Kyiv, Ukraine

A famous singer originally from Ukraine, but actively supporting the Russian war in our country, Taisiya Povaliy made a cynical statement. She openly said that she was on the side of the Russian Federation. The corresponding interview with the star was published by Dni.ru.

The artist believes that Russia is "saving" Ukraine.

"From childhood I used to be where the truth is. Therefore, I am with Russia. I am for a return from the zombified state in which my Ukraine is today to a normal life. All these 8 years I lived with a lack of understanding of why all this is happening in the Donbass, why people are being killed there... I was waiting for the time of justice to come. Finally, it comes. I really want people in the Donbas to live the way they want, so that nothing is imposed on them, they are not raped. And now it is precisely for this that the struggle is going on... In what Russia is doing today, I see the salvation of both my own and Ukraine. I feel that Russia is now protecting me," Povaliy said.

According to her, Putin is fulfilling a historic mission.

"Vladimir Putin for me is the person who is able to maintain a strong Russia and rid the world of Nazism, which I encountered directly. This is his historical mission, in my opinion," the traitor said.

Recall that the son of Taisiya Povaliy renounced his mother after her performance in the Kremlin Palace.