Over 40 thousand Ukrainian students will be transferred to public education

18:12 25 October Kyiv, Ukraine

In Ukraine, 46 thousand students of certain categories have been confirmed for transfer from the contract to the budget. This was stated during the telethon by Minister of Education Sergei Shkarlet.
"The maximum expected number of such students this year is 87 thousand. About 46,000 have been confirmed so far. The process is ongoing," Shkarlet said.

These categories include:
  • children of the fallen defenders of Ukraine;
  • combatants and persons with disabilities as a result of the war;
  • children of combatants;
  • residents of especially dangerous territories.
"Due to war-related circumstances, such a decision will require an additional UAH 9 billion until 2025 inclusive. In 2022, this amount is more than UAH 363 million," the Minister stressed.
Recall, earlier it was reported that migrant students and residents of especially dangerous territories in Ukraine will be able to transfer to budget education. This applies to students who were enrolled in institutions in previous years in commercial places.