Robops will be sent to clear the Kiev region

19:03 23 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The US Army has agreed to provide one of its two robotic dogs to help an American non-profit demining Ukraine.

It is reported by Foreign Policy Magazine.

A person familiar with the decision told reporters about the allocation of work.

The dog job, built by Boston Dynamics, will be used to clear mines and cluster munitions near Kyiv. Past tests have shown that the robot is controlled with small flying projectiles, similar to those left by the Russian military in Ukraine.

The "dog" will drag unexploded ordnance to places where other munitions are stored, and this will allow them to be safely detonated far from the civilian population. Tentatively, batches of up to 50-100 shells can explode without endangering people.

Boston Dynamics did not comment on the specific transfer of the robot, but the company's marketing and communications director Nicholas Noel said in an email to reporters that the robot dog is an effective tool to protect people from danger and is often used to inspect potentially dangerous materials from a safe distance.

Recall that more than 2 million hectares of territory have now been cleared in Ukraine, but in total, as a result of Russian aggression, 30 million hectares of land need to be cleared.. This can continue, due to international experience, from 5 to 10 years.

If you find a suspicious item:
  • in no case do not touch it;
  • immediately report the find to the units of the State Emergency Service (101) or the police (102);
  • warn passers-by about possible danger;
  • move as far as possible from the suspicious object;
  • wait for the arrival of specialists and indicate the location of the item.