Pseudo-referendum is held without documents and even without people - Gaidai

11:04 24 September Kyiv, Ukraine

To hold a pseudo-referendum in the Luhansk region, the occupiers use fake votes, people are forced to vote without documents and directly in their places of residence. This was announced by the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai.

According to Gaidai, men have almost run out in Alchevsk.

"Whoever they found, they mobilized, even if they had "armor." One of the best metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, stopped production, because there was no one to work. True, there is someone to vote. At the front, a resident of Alchevsk, or already in captivity, died - somehow he will vote. Perhaps telepathically - the voice will be taken into account," he said.

As the head of the OVA said, the occupiers stop people on the street, to objections that they don’t have a passport with them, they answer: “And you don’t need it - we already know you.”

In addition, the invaders call the population.

"Employed in case of refusal to come to the" sites "threatened with dismissal. They even find those who left for Russia, inviting them to vote there as well,” Gaidai noted.

Earlier, he said that the so-called election "commissions" are accompanied by people with weapons. If the doors to the apartments are not opened, they threaten to knock them out. When a person puts a tick in front of "No" in the "bulletin", he is recorded in the "notebook".

It was also reported that Russian invaders were bringing people from Crimea to the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region to participate in a fake referendum.