The Air Raid app will warn of a chemical threat and radiation hazard

14:46 02 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The Air Raid app will report chemical threats, radiation hazards, street fighting and artillery shelling.

So the application will have five types of alarms, including "air", according to the Ministry of Digital Development.
“Unique alerts have been created for each type. In addition to sound signals, the application also sends text messages with recommendations for actions depending on the type of threat.. If several alarms are recorded in a city or region, notifications will be received sequentially,” the Ministry of Digital Development said.
To receive notifications for all five types of alerts, the Air Raid app must be updated to version 4.0.

Also from the new: the official map of alarms was moved to a separate menu, and in the “Useful” section, a link was added to the bot for informing about the movement of the occupiers “eVrag” and the site for finding housing “Help”.

Air Raid App Launched in Ukraine on March 1. This is a project developed by Ajax Systems together with the Stfalcon IT company and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development.