President asks residents of Donetsk region to evacuate

10:52 31 July Kyiv, Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky once again called on people to leave the Donetsk region, and also stressed that the government would organize everything for this. On Saturday, July 30, the head of state said in his video message.

"There are hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of children. There are many who refuse to leave, but this really needs to be done, this decision will still have to be made.. Trust me," he said.

The President stressed that the more residents leave the Donetsk region now, the fewer people the Russian army will have time to kill. To do this, he called on Ukrainians to speak with those who are in the war zone in the Donbass and convince them of the need to leave.

"There is a government decision on mandatory evacuation from the Donetsk region. Everything is organized, full escort, full assistance. All you need is a decision from the people themselves. Come on, we'll help. We are not Russia, for us every life matters, so we will use every opportunity," Zelensky said.

Recall that the government will conduct a mandatory evacuation of residents of the Donetsk region before the start of the heating season.