They will only offer accommodation: Ireland cuts aid to refugees from Ukraine

18:33 02 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Irish government has decided to cut assistance to Ukrainian refugees, now they will only be provided with housing, and food and daily expenses will need to be paid from their social benefits.
It is reported by the Irish Examiner.

It is reported that since February 56,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland: thousands of children study in schools, and more than 10,000 Ukrainians are already working.

By autumn, an affordable housing crisis has matured in the country due to the growing number of refugees, so the government is looking for ways to speed up the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees from hotels to permanent housing.. At the same time, some Ukrainians do not agree to move from cities where they managed to find work and enroll their children in schools.

Therefore, it is assumed that in the future, free hotel stays will not include food, so that people do not give up alternative housing for it.

Ministers are discussing a plan to offer refugees only one option of appropriate housing, and after rejecting it, not offer other places to stay.

It is reported that in order to encourage Irish families to accept Ukrainian refugees, payments to them will be doubled - from 400 to 800 euros, this amount will be paid from December 1.

In addition, additional measures are planned:
  • creation of a public fund for 50 million. euro to help refugees on the ground;
  • expansion of the program of rapid construction and renovation of residential premises;
  • maximizing the number of available places through accommodation in dormitories;
  • new search for vacant homes.
The Embassy of Ukraine in Ireland reported that Ireland does not guarantee the provision of housing for refugees. Currently, 43,000 Ukrainians live in state-provided housing.
"Ireland continues to provide temporary protection to the citizens of Ukraine. At the same time, the Irish side does not guarantee the provision of free housing upon arrival in the country today. When planning a move to Ireland, please take into account all the risks of being left without temporary housing in the near future," the message reads. department page.
Ukrainians are also warned: it should be taken into account that renting a house is extremely problematic in Ireland, given the lack of offers on the real estate market.