Poland has simplified the rules for obtaining a Pole's card for Ukrainians

20:26 20 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Polish Cabinet of Ministers will simplify the rules for obtaining a Pole's card for Ukrainians who left there after a full-scale invasion. Now Ukrainians will not need to apply to the Polish consulate in Ukraine.

The new rules will come into force on July 29, 2022. You can apply in any of the 16 voivodships of Poland.
"Thanks to this, the legal obligation to provide eligible persons with the opportunity to apply for a Pole's Card will be fulfilled, despite the suspension of the activities of most of the consulates of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine due to the aggression of the Russian Federation against this country," the report says.
Applications can be submitted by both those who already had a "Polish card" and those who apply for the first time. Documents can be obtained where applications are submitted, without the need to travel to Ukraine.
The Pole's Card is a document confirming that a person belongs to the Polish state and people outside their historical homeland. This card entitles you to a free long-term visa, legal employment without a special work permit, free admission to all museums, a discount on rail travel, and so on.

Over 5.83 million Ukrainians left for Europe as refugees as of July 13, 2022. Most of them invited to receive Social Security. About 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees left for Poland.