Blackout: Ukrenergo applied industry restriction schedules across the country

11:08 25 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrenergo was forced to limit the consumption of electricity by industrial consumers in all regions. This was reported by the press service of the company. It is also about other categories of consumers.
"In order to stabilize the operation of the energy system, the Dispatch Center of NPC Ukrenergo was forced to apply restriction schedules for industrial and other categories of consumers in all regions of Ukraine, " the report says.
Forced restrictions on electricity consumers - a fully controllable measure. It allows you to reduce the load on the power grid and allows you to balance the work of the power system, the company explained.

A conscious reduction in electricity consumption, especially during morning and evening consumption peak hours (6:00-11:00 and 17:00-13:00), reduces the risk of congestion in networks and consumer restrictions.
"We ask consumers to consciously and carefully approach the consumption of electricity, do not connect two or more powerful electrical appliances to the network at the same time, and also, if possible, transfer the use of some of them to the night period (washing machines, boilers, heaters), " Ukrenergo noted. .