About 20 trains are delayed, stations are de-energized in a number of cities

18:38 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Due to Russian shelling on the afternoon of November 15, stations in a number of cities were de-energized. About 20 trains are delayed, said Oleksandr Pertsovsky, head of passenger traffic at Ukrzaliznytsia.
"Now about 20 trains - in different directions - from Kharkivsky to Lvovsky go with delays of literally 30-40 minutes to switch to heat traction. We have prepared a reserve number of diesel locomotives in advance, " he said.
Stations are de-energized in Kharkiv, Kovel, Korosten, Rivne, Lvov. At the same time, almost all stations are equipped with backup generators.
"Therefore, boarding and disembarking through underground passages is calmly taking place there," Pertsovsky added.
The following trains are delayed:
🚆No. 88 Kovel - Zaporozhye is delayed for approximately 30 minutes;
🚆№17 Kharkiv - Uzhhorod is delayed for 30 minutes;
🚆№711 Kramatorsk - Kyiv departed under the backup diesel locomotive with a delay of 40 minutes.

Also, due to the lack of voltage, flights No. 715 Kyiv - Przemysl, No. 750 Uzhgorod - Kyiv, direct cars Vienna - Kyiv, No. 772 Khmelnitsky - Kyiv, No. 86 Lviv - Zaporozhye, No. 55 Kyiv - Rakhiv are delayed for an indefinite time.