New academic year: MES explained the features of the organizational process

16:10 06 July Kyiv, Ukraine

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, education in schools will traditionally begin on September 1. The educational process in schools will last until June 30, 2023. Institutions of professional higher and higher education independently determine the dates of the beginning and end of the academic year.

This is stated on the MON page.

First of all, the Ministry of Education and Science advises appointing commissions to inspect educational institutions for readiness to organize training and ensure the safety of participants in the educational process. Such commissions should include representatives of regional divisions of the State Emergency Service and the National Police.

The next step is to determine the form of organization of the educational process. This item depends on the security situation in each individual locality.
“The structure and duration of the school week, day, classes and rest, as well as the forms of organization of the educational process are determined by the pedagogical or academic council of the educational institution within the time period provided for by the educational program. This combination is suitable for different classes: practical and laboratory classes can be held in person, lectures - remotely..

At the same time, the ministry notes that it is desirable to conduct face-to-face classes in elementary school, because children need live communication.

The uniform may change during the school year depending on the situation.

Heads of educational institutions should be informed of their personal responsibility for organizing a safe environment for applicants for education and all employees of the institution. That is, after the announcement of an air raid alert, students should go to shelters in an organized manner.

The educational process can be completed in the shelter, and after the end of the alarm, the participants can return to the premises of the educational institution and continue the learning process, taking into account the necessary adjustments.