NBU decided to launch commemorative coins for free circulation

15:00 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Currently, the National Bank has about 5.5 million. pieces of such coins to reinforce banks and SIT companies for the possibility of cash services for their customers.

In the future, the National Bank plans to expand the circulation and the number of series of circulation commemorative coins and issue them into circulation several times a year in accordance with international practice.
"Like all other coins of Ukraine, these coins will be required to be accepted without any restrictions on their face value for all types of payments, as well as for crediting accounts, deposits, letters of credit and for money transfers," the regulator added.
So banks, SIT companies and trade institutions will receive more circulating coins to ensure cash transactions (including accepting payments, settlements in the trading network), and Ukrainians will be able to pay with new interesting and symbolic coins or, if desired, replenish their collections with them, explained at the NBU.

Commemorative coins of special issues from the "Armed Forces of Ukraine" series have a denomination of 10 hryvnias and are made of non-precious zinc-based alloy with a nickel coating.

Minting quality category - uncirculated, weight - 12.4 g, diameter - 30.0 mm. The group of coins is corrugated. The circulation of each coin is 1,000,000 pieces.