Hope, optimism and anxiety: the key emotions of Ukrainians during a full-scale war

08:03 16 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Hope, optimism and anxiety are the three key emotions of Ukrainians both at the personal and state levels, according to a study by the Razumkov Center and the Democratic Initiatives Foundation.

Also, the citizens of Ukraine often feel confusion, confidence, fear, interest and impasse.
Ukrainians feel more confused when thinking about their own future (19%) than when thinking about the future of Ukraine (9%). Conversely, the future of the state inspires more confidence among Ukrainians than actually.

“Young people (18-29 years old) are more optimistic and more confident about the future of Ukraine than people over 60 years old,” sociologists say. Feeling
their hopes for the future of the state are equally strong.
In addition, Ukrainians began to feel more optimistic, confident and hopeful compared to 2021.. At the same time, the feeling of anxiety and fear remained almost at the same level as it was last year.

The opinion poll was conducted from 5 to 12 August 2022 in the territories of Ukraine where there are no hostilities. The interview method is face-to-face.