The process of selecting DNA materials among the residents of Izyum to identify the dead has begun

14:40 03 November Kyiv, Ukraine

On November 2, a mobile laboratory donated by the French government to select DNA materials from persons whose relatives were missing or buried in the Izyum region began work in Izyum.

This was reported by the Kharkiv regional prosecutor's office.
“The selection of DNA materials will allow identifying the deceased person in any part of the territory of Ukraine, according to the data entered into the Unified State DNA Database. Together we will be able to identify those who died at the hands of the Russian army.
Experts from the National Scientific Center Institute of Forensic Expertise named after. adjunct. prof. M.S. Bocarius, prosecutors of the Izyum district prosecutor's office of the Kharkiv region and investigators of the national police of the Kharkiv region.

Today, 16 people donated biological materials.