Titles with the names of Ukrainian children killed by Russia were shown at the Venice Film Festival

11:52 01 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The 79th Venice Film Festival opened with a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
“A drama based on real events brought to life by real monsters, murderers, executioners, terrorists,” Zelensky began.
Then credits appeared on the screen, but not with the names of the authors and creators of the cinema, but with the names of Ukrainian children killed by Russia.
“In the world, every country, institution, community should have a clear idea of what Ukraine is going through now.. Hear about this war in the most understandable language. For you, this is the language of cinema. But you will not see further terrible shots of explosions, shots, destruction. You'll see what most don't usually see. An integral part of every film, which not everyone pays attention to. Names that go into oblivion and obscurity are important, because the moment they appear on the screen, most viewers do two things: get up and leave. I know that the first is important today, the second is impossible,” Zelensky said.
After the credits, the words "To be continued?" appeared on the screen. [Will there be a continuation?], and Zelensky stressed that what the answer to this question will be depends on all of us.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 380 children have been killed, 736 more children have been injured, and over 7,000 children have been deported to Russia.