About 75% of electricity needs are provided on Saturday morning

12:30 26 November Kyiv, Ukraine

As of 11:00 Saturday, electricity producers cover about 75% of consumption needs in Ukraine. The deficit fell to 25%, Ukrenergo reported on November 26.

The company recalled that another unit was launched at the Khmelnytsky NPP and the capacity is being increased to the planned level at other power units.

Also, the attention of Ukrainians was drawn to the fact that now Ukrenergo does not specify which types of shutdowns, emergency or planned, will be applied - this is decided by the regional energy companies.

“Now we have changed tactics, and we are informing the oblenergo not on how many megawatts it is necessary to limit consumption in each region, but on the contrary, what is the consumption limit in the region,” said Volodymyr Kudrytsky, chairman of the board of Ukrenergo, on the air of the telethon.

That is, oblenergo dispatchers receive a consumption indicator for the region, which cannot be exceeded. But the shutdown scheme, which will allow you to comply with the established consumption rate, each oblenergo draws up independently.

Earlier it was reported that another 130,000 residents remained without electricity in Kyiv. All restoration work is scheduled to be completed within 24 hours.