Flag of Ukraine returned to Serpents' Island

11:59 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen returned the flag of their country to Zmeiny Island, which had been under the control of Russian troops for several months.

Press Secretary of the Odessa OVA Serhiy Bratchuk and the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"The Ukrainian military set up the flag of Ukraine on the island of Serpents," Bratchuk said.
Bratchuk said that the State Flag of Ukraine is set on about. Zmein - the village of Beloe, Izmailsky district, Odessa region.

Text on the flag: GUR MOU. "Remember, 'Russian warship', Snake Island is Ukraine!" - and the signature of the head of the Odessa OVA Maxim Marchenko.
On February 24, two ships approached Snake Island, the Russians demanded to surrender from the military personnel of the Izmail border detachment. The border guards replied "Russian ship, go fuck" - but the Russian troops captured the island.

On June 30, the Russians fled from Zmeinoye after being hit by Ukrainian troops, but they called it a "goodwill gesture."

On July 4, the Ukrainians dropped the flag on the island, and now they have been able to install it.