New Year's Eve curfew to be applied in Kyiv region

13:22 22 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The curfew in Kyiv remains unchanged for the New Year holidays.

This was announced by the deputy mayor - secretary of the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr Bondarenko.

According to the official, there will be no big celebrations in the capital either.

The garland on the Christmas tree on Sofiyskaya Square will be switched on for the New Year and Christmas.
“It will definitely be Christmas and New Year. We will try to turn it on in the evenings so that the people of Kiev can feel the element of the holiday. Most likely, the curfew regime will also be in effect on the New Year. Therefore, there will be no big New Year and Christmas celebrations in the capital. Come to the Christmas tree, look, follow the safety rules - yes. The Christmas tree will not be lit during an air raid alert," he said.