Many schools in Ukraine will switch to distance learning on May 8 and 9

11:18 07 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The people of Ukraine know well how the Russian invaders react to the "special dates" of the calendar. In order to ensure the safety of children as much as possible in the event of an increase in the terrorist threat from Russia, in a number of regions of Ukraine, schoolchildren will be transferred to distance learning on Monday and Tuesday, May 8 and 9.

Appropriate decisions have already been made in some areas.

Poltava region.

"In accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Education and Science of the Poltava OVA, taking into account possible provocative shelling by the Russian Federation, the institutions of general secondary and out-of-school education of the Poltava city territorial community are working remotely on May 8 and 9, pre-school education institutions are operating as usual," the statement said. message of the Poltava OVA.

Kirovograd region.

Also, children in the Kirovograd region will be transferred to distance learning on May 8 and 9.

"We know what a vile, cynical, insidious enemy we are fighting. The life and safety of people, especially children, is the most important thing for us," the Kirovograd district police department said.

Earlier it was reported that a round-the-clock curfew will be introduced in Kherson, which will last from 20:00 on May 5 to 06:00 on May 8.

It was also reported that Ukrainian schoolchildren should go on summer holidays no later than June 30. At this time, the school year should end.

Also, the Ministry of Education and Science wants to reduce the number of subjects in schools and explained which disciplines will definitely remain in the program.