The number of communities located in the areas of hostilities and surrounded by the occupiers has reached three hundred

14:01 27 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Eight communities in the Sumy region have been added to the updated list of territorial communities located in areas of hostilities or under temporary occupation or encirclement.

This was reported in the Ministry of Reintegration.

In total, the list includes 8 areas:
  • Dnepropetrovsk (6 communities);
  • Donetsk (66 communities);
  • Zaporozhye (61 communities);
  • Luhansk (37 communities);
  • Nikolaevskaya (22 communities);
  • Kharkov (51 communities);
  • Kherson (49 communities);
  • Sumy (8 communities).
In the Sumy region, we are talking about Novoslobodskaya, Velikopisarevskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Esmanskaya, Yunakovskaya and Shalyginskaya village territorial communities, as well as Belopolskaya and Seredino-Budskaya urban territorial communities.

The corresponding list of communities in the government is compiled so that those who leave from there can receive assistance from the state. The fact is that since May, the approach to assigning assistance for living to internally displaced persons has changed..

If in March and April all IDPs could receive this assistance, since May it has been provided to those IDPs who left the territorial communities located in the area of hostilities or are in temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade).

The list is formed by agreement of the Ministry of Defense from the proposals of the relevant regional and Kyiv city military administrations. If you are registered in any of the indicated regions, but your community is not on the list, then the Ministry of Reintegration advises you to contact your military administration (in person or on the hotline) and clarify the information.