Kyiv for the first time claims the title of the smartest city in the world

16:41 04 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv for the first time made it to the finals of the annual World Smart City Awards 2022 and claims to be the smartest city in the world. The winner will be announced November 16th.

Each city received a place in the final for the implementation of a particular project. Kyiv fights for 'smart' status as it works on digital reform despite war with Russia.

This should help the city become “safe, sustainable and mobile”, as well as completely transfer all administrative services to online mode by 2030, the organizers say.

Seoul, Toronto, Sydney, Bogota (Colombia) and Curitiba (Brazil) also made it to the final. In total, applications from more than 60 countries were sent to the World Smart City Awards.

World Smart City Awards is an annual award that celebrates the most innovative cities and projects in the world.