Kazakhstan sent a batch of generators to Ukrainian hospitals

08:05 26 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Kazakhstan sent a batch of generators to Ukraine, which will be used to equip medical institutions in Mykolaiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. This was announced on Sunday, December 25, by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on its Telegram channel on Sunday.

According to the report, 41 generators worth about half a million dollars were distributed among the country's healthcare institutions.
"We received an excellent Christmas present from the fraternal people of Kazakhstan: 41 powerful generators for our medical institutions. They will be handed over to the regions that are under attack by Russian aggressors and where they are most needed: Mykolaiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv," the statement said.
At the same time, Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko noted that in the conditions of power outages, "we must be ready for any challenges, and therefore we continue to provide medical institutions with generators."
"Every day, the occupiers strike at our infrastructure, which poses a threat to the electricity supply.. Together with partners, we are making every effort to ensure that hospitals continue to work and fulfill their main task - to save lives in the conditions of a blackout. Each generator is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of operating rooms, intensive care units and oxygen stations," Lyashko emphasized.