What alternative sources of lighting are dangerous to use - State Emergency Service

17:40 09 November Kyiv, Ukraine

It is forbidden to use generators in apartments, as toxic combustion products are released due to gasoline and gas. This was stated by the speaker of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Khorunzhiy during a briefing on Wednesday, October 9.

Toxic combustion products can enter the house through windows, so generators can be used if they are installed no closer than 6 meters from an apartment building, he explained.

In addition, other generators appeared on the Ukrainian market - electric ones, but they can overload the network, which will lead to a fire, the representative of the State Emergency Service added.

The cornet also noted that during a power outage, many people use gas burners, stove heating, and candles.

He urged citizens to be sure to buy certified gas burners at licensed points of sale.

The speaker of the State Emergency Service added that the stove should not have cracks, damage, and a metal sheet should be placed under the stove so that sparks and combustion products do not fall on the floor. Before the start of the heating season, it is necessary to clean the chimneys so that combustion products do not accumulate there.

The cornet reminded that candles should be installed on hard bases, candlesticks should not be long.

The main cause of fires is careless handling of fire and overloading of electrical networks, as a result of which fires arise from a short circuit, he noted.

It should be noted that DTEK claims that if Russian war criminals do not attack Ukrainian infrastructure again, then the damaged power lines can be repaired in two weeks.