How shelling of energy infrastructure and blackouts affected the number of refugees from Ukraine

16:15 28 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The difference between the number of Ukrainians who left and did not return from abroad for 11 months of this year is 2,211,615 people. Blackouts and shelling of energy infrastructure by Russian troops increased the number of Ukrainian refugees by 2%.

This was reported by Opendatabot, an open data platform, citing data from the Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The number of those who left but have not yet returned to Ukraine increased slightly after the start of massive shelling of infrastructure and blackouts
electricity. If back in September 2022 more people returned home than left, then in October and November the situation changed.
For the first time in the last 5 months in October, the number of people who went abroad exceeded the number of those who returned home - by 16.3 thousand people. In November, the number of those who left increased by another 43%.

In general, since the beginning of massive attacks on infrastructure, the number of Ukrainians who left and have not yet returned home has increased by 2%.

In total, 14% of the number of Ukrainians who returned over the past 5 months left due to blackouts and bombings.