Due to missile attack, only eight Ukrzaliznytsia flights remain on schedule

08:35 15 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrzaliznytsia announced the delay of eight trains due to massive rocket fire. This was announced on Saturday, January 14, by the company's press service on Telegram.

"Due to an enemy missile attack, four flights of Ukrzaliznytsia follow with delays of more than an hour," the statement said.

In particular, four flights are moving with a delay of more than an hour, five flights are delayed up to an hour, 60 trains are moving on schedule.

The following trains have the greatest delays:

  • No. 45/46 Kharkov - Uzhgorod (+2 h 56 min);
  • No. 711/712 Kramatorsk - Kyiv (+2 h 43 min);
  • No. 15/16 Kharkiv - Rakhiv (+1 h 7 min);
  • No. 93/94 Kharkiv - Helm (+1 h 7 min).

For passengers arriving in Kyiv after the start of the curfew, Ukrzaliznytsia organized a transfer for delivery home

It is also reported that there is light on the territory of all stations, Invincibility Points work there, where you can recharge electrical appliances and drink hot tea and coffee.

Recall that under the rubble of a destroyed house in the Dnieper, rescuers heard the voice of a woman. At this time, they are trying to extract it from under the rubble of the house.

Recall that the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reacted angrily to the Russian missile attack on a high-rise building in the Dnieper.