More than 500 people from disabled groups were evacuated from Kherson

14:57 30 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Since the liberation of Kherson, more than 500 elderly people and people with limited mobility have been evacuated from the de-occupied territories of the region.

Three hundred patients of the Kherson psycho-neurological boarding school are among the evacuees, the Cabinet of Ministers said.

Only on December 29, it was possible to take 35 Kherson residents to safer places, who received services in the territorial councils of district councils, including 19 with limited mobility.

Even during the Russian occupation, officials of the Kherson region said that out of 300,000 who lived in the regional center itself, after the arrival of the Russians, about 180,000 remained.. In general, about half of the inhabitants left the region in the summer.

Free evacuation from Kherson is carried out by specially equipped train cars, to which those who wish can also be delivered from home.

Residents with limited mobility can report a desire to evacuate:
  • by phone 0 800 330 951 and (091) 481-78-45,
  • in the chatbot of the volunteer organization Helping to Leave;
  • by the number of the volunteer organization Help People (093) 696-97-88;
  • by phone 15-48 or write to messengers on the number (096) 078-84-33.
Recall that since the de-occupation of Kherson is constantly under fire from the Russians.