The initiative "How not to become a vegetable" created a database of Russian propagandists

16:17 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

A database of Russian propagandists has been created in Ukraine, directly or indirectly supporting the war in Ukraine and spreading misinformation in Russia and the world.

Specialists of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) work with this database. Everyone can get access to it if you register and verify your place of work.
“Russian propagandists are not only those whom we see on the screens, but also a wider network of people involved in the “domestication” of war and its entry into every home. We have set a task for this base - to collect as much as possible all those who are responsible for creating the information base of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, and to hold them accountable," Oksana Moroz, the founder of the initiative, said.
So far, the database has not included the ideologists of the "Russian world", as well as exotic categories, such as esotericists, psychics and astrologers - but the developers plan to update the data monthly. You can read more about the categories, as well as the criteria by which a person was entered into the database, at the link .

The database was created by the information hygiene volunteer initiative "How not to become a vegetable" in partnership with YouControl.