Georgia is changing the format of support for Ukrainian refugees

18:12 18 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, the format of support for Ukrainian refugees will be changed: from the end of July, they will no longer be provided with housing, but they will be offered financial support, writes Interpressnews.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to receive 300 Georgian lari (3,000 hryvnia) per family every month and another 45 lari (450 hryvnia) per person additionally.

By the end of July, budget expenditures for such support will amount to 14 million Georgian lari.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Georgia has taken in more than 60,000 Ukrainian refugees, most of them from the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine.

In Tbilisi, as of mid-July 2022, more than 5,100 Ukrainians took advantage of the support program with the provision of housing. About 2,300 of them now live in hotels.