EU opens hub for evacuation of Ukrainian patients in Polish Rzeszow

15:21 01 September Kyiv, Ukraine

A hub for the evacuation of Ukrainians who are being taken to other European countries for treatment is starting to operate in Rzeszow.

This was announced at the daily briefing of the European Commission.

"Today we are officially opening a hub for the evacuation of Ukrainian patients in Polish Rzeszow," spokesman Balazs Uzhvari said.

The project is funded by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and is part of a wider medical evacuation program that the EU launched earlier this year.
"The hub will be a safe space for patients arriving from Ukraine before they are transferred to another European country for further treatment," the speaker explained.
In this center, patients will be provided with round-the-clock care and necessary assistance, if necessary, diagnostics, vaccinations and psychological support.

Norway, which is not a member of the EU, is also participating in the project - a country under this scheme will provide two weekly evacuation flights from Rzeszow to those countries where people are being taken for treatment.

The speaker noted that since March 11, more than 1,100 Ukrainian patients have been evacuated for treatment in the EU, they have been received in 18 countries - Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway. , Lithuania, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic.