Unified register of weapons may begin work before the end of October - Ministry of Internal Affairs

17:53 19 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The unified register of weapons can start working in Ukraine before the end of October. The register will indicate the unit of the weapon, its registration number, the sample of the shot ball, as well as the name of the owner, his date and place of birth, and a photo.
This was announced by Deputy Interior Minister Igor Bondarenko.

According to Bondarenko, the functionality of the registry will assume that the owner of the weapon can create an electronic account. There it will be possible to apply for the purchase and storage of weapons, change the place of storage, see information about the deadlines for submitting documents and update the data.

The algorithm for registering weapons will be similar to the process of registering a vehicle and obtaining a driver's license, says the Deputy Interior Minister.

The unified register of weapons will be in the public domain. While it is being tested. Upon commissioning, it must receive a certificate of conformity of the CSIS (comprehensive information security system), which is issued by the State Special Communications Service.

In addition, the permit for weapons should be reflected in the Action, now they are working on the technical implementation of this idea. Thus, they plan to check, for example, hunters: they want to automate their registration to combat poaching.

Igor Bondarenko also expressed hope that the law on the free possession of weapons for civilians provides for a model for the legalization of captured weapons, if it does not have a criminal trace.

There are currently more than a million firearm owners in Ukraine, he added.

The Verkhovna Rada supported the law on possession of weapons for civilians in the first reading, now it is being finalized. This law was promised to be adopted during the summer or autumn.

About 60% of the participants in the survey in "Die" supported the legalization of weapons for personal protection in early June.

At the same time, according to a sociological study by the Rating group, 58% of Ukrainians support the legalization of weapons, 39% are against it.