Documentary film “Mariupol. Unlost Hope” will be shown in 40 cities around the world

17:14 22 August Kyiv, Ukraine

To keep in the memory of generations memories of the war through the eyes of ordinary people in 40 cities of the world will show the film “Mariupol. Unforgotten hope."
It is reported by the Association of Ukrainian Producers.

It will be 40 cities similar to Mariupol in terms of population, as well as the presence of ports or industrial production. The film will be shown in: Baltimore (USA), Brno (Czech Republic), Gapnarfjorduri (Iceland), Utrecht (Netherlands), Tallinn (Estonia).
"The film contains the testimony of five eyewitnesses of Russia's war against Ukraine. Mariupol. Hope Unlost” is a calm documentary evidence of the eyewitnesses of the war, how calm a film about these events can be. The movie does not contain scary shots, does not exert emotional pressure on the viewer," the authors of the project say.
This will be the premiere of the film, which will be held in parallel with the premiere screening in Ukraine.