Up to 600 accidents per day: the number of accidents is growing in Ukraine

13:40 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

In Ukraine, the number of accidents increased during a power outage. The increase in the dynamics of the dead - 8%, injured - 9%.

This was announced by First Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin on November 15.
"Every day we can fix 400, 500, and sometimes even up to 600 accidents.. If we compare the data for October and September of this and the previous year, we see an increase in the dynamics of the dead by 8%, injured by 9%," he said.
He added that law enforcement officers are carrying out explanatory work with road users.

To make it easier for the driver to see a pedestrian at a distance of 120-130 meters, light-colored clothing should be given priority, reflectors should be worn on shoes or backpacks, and reflectors should also be worn on pets, the deputy minister added.

At the end of October, the draft law No. 8156 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. The document proposes to introduce administrative responsibility for pedestrians moving along the roadway or roadside at night without the use of reflectors (tapes, stickers, vests, etc.) or clothing that has such elements.