Danilko will sell Freddie Mercury's car at auction, the money will go to charity

18:42 01 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian singer Andriy Danilko, better known by his stage name Verka Serdyuchka, announced on November 1 on his social networks that he would sell Freddie Mercury at the Rolls-Royce auction. The artist will donate the entire amount from car sales to the construction of a rehabilitation center in Ukraine.

Andrey Danilko presented the lot at the most famous auction in the world Sotheby's - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1974, which Freddie Mercury rode until the last days of his life. On November 5 in London, the car will become the artist's contribution to the creation of a modern rehabilitation and prosthetics center and the central lot at the auction.

According to Danilko, he bought this car to donate it to the Queen Museum or to make it part of a large exhibition in Ukraine.. But now he has decided that the silver Rolls-Royce will be an investment in the future of the country. The auction house will not accept its percentage and transfers all 100% of the funds received to charity.

Danilko noted that the Superhumans rehabilitation center project has already been supported by musician Sting and his wife, First Lady Elena Zelenskaya, billionaire Richard Branson, and American actor Liev Schreiber.

The center will start operating in early 2023. Superhumans Center is being built on the basis of one of the hospitals in the Lviv region. It will be a specialized clinic for prosthetics, reconstruction and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.