Bulgaria extended the program of accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in hotels

08:03 15 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The Bulgarian government has extended the program of accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in hotels until the end of October, said the Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Ilin Dimitrov.
"The program for the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in hotels will be extended until October 31 at the current cost, this will be the final of the program, so it will be possible to organize a new program, " Dimitrov said.
He expressed his hope that this would be the last expansion of the program and that a new program would emerge to integrate refugees into the social system.
"This is European money, we regularly pay out funds under this program on a weekly basis, the payment mechanism is very complicated, it takes 32 steps to pay the amount, which takes at least 15 days," the minister added.
It is known that in May the Bulgarian authorities stated that they could not afford to keep Ukrainian citizens in coastal hotels due to the start of the summer tourist season.

This prompted calls for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova.. In the end, the government refused to cancel the program.

More than 300 thousand people arrived in Bulgaria since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Government says 110,000 people received temporary protection and asylum. However, civic activists say that a significant part of Ukrainians in Bulgaria received support from citizens and public organizations, and not from the state.