Thanks to the EPPO app, an enemy missile was shot down for the first time

15:41 26 October Kyiv, Ukraine

A missile was shot down over Ukraine, which was tracked for the first time using the EPPO mobile application.

This is reported on Facebook by one of the developers of the application.

The first "combat use" of the EPPO application took place in the south of Ukraine.
"The caliber flew at a very low altitude, due to the terrain features, it was not observed by location. But several vigilant citizens saw the damn thing and immediately notified the military using the EPPO application. Our anti-aircraft gunners received target designation in a few seconds, had enough time and without unnecessary problems, how Caliber was shot down from the Igla MANPADS on the simulator," said Gennady Suldin, an employee of the Technari design group that developed the application.

He noted that the electronic detection of air targets worked exactly as the developers wanted.
"JPPO was conceived precisely as a means of tracking low-flying subsonic cruise missiles, primarily Caliber. The Shahed-type threat appeared much later," he added.
The EPPO app appeared in Ukraine in October this year. With it, eyewitnesses can report the movement of enemy air targets - missiles, drones, aircraft or helicopters.. You can also report the sound of an explosion in the app.