Accidents with victims in Ukraine: causes and statistics

14:56 10 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The most common causes of accidents with victims in Ukraine are speeding and violation of the rules of maneuvering.
This is reported by the platform for working with open data Opendatabot, referring to the data of the Patrol Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine.
In addition, the number of accidents with injuries due to the negligence of pedestrians increased by 37% this year compared to 2021.

In the 1st quarter of 2023, there were 4,538 accidents with injuries, almost the same as in the same period of 2021. But the number of deaths as a result of accidents has increased by 7% by 2021.

The most common cause of accidents with injuries in 2023 is drivers exceeding the safe driving speed. For this reason, almost half of all accidents where people died - 320 deaths. The top three causes of traffic accidents were violations of the rules of maneuvering
and violations of the rules of passage of pedestrian crossings.
This year, the number of accidents with victims due to the fault of pedestrians has increased by 37% compared to 2021. The most common reason is a transition in an unspecified place. Because of this, 249 accidents occurred (42% more than in the corresponding period of 2021), where people were injured. The most unruly pedestrians ended up in the Lviv region - 25 accidents occurred through their fault, 21 each in Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions.

The largest number of accidents in three months of this year was due to a car collision - 1675 cases. In such accidents, the largest number of injured was recorded - 2586.

More deaths occurred in accidents resulting from a collision with a pedestrian - 273 deaths or 42% of the total number of deaths.